New apprentice opportunity with CCAS!

We are currently looking for a new Apprentice Accounts Assistant! Find out more. Or apply directly on the - Find... more

What’s going on now?

We are taking on new clients. We are currently researching how useful you would find our accountancy workshops for charities and... more

Who Do We Help

Debbie was recommended to us, and she stepped in at a particularly difficult time for our charity. Her accounting expertise... more

What, where and how

For anything relating to accounts Email or Call and we will come to you. Contact: Landline: 01208 832825 Mobile: 07867 524663

Who We Are

Debbie Risborough is an ACCA practising Accountant. In October 2010 the Cornwall Community Accountancy Service (CCAS) was put together by Debbie... more

Our Objectives

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charities, social enterprises, community groups and other not for profit organisations in the... more